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Professor Enoch Hwang, Ph.D., spent four weeks at Data Link Institute University College in Ghana, Africa, teaching students in the theory and practice of Digital Logic Design. To assist the hands-on portion of the course, Dr. Hwang used a Global Specialties DL-020 Integrated Digital Logic Trainer donated to Data Link Institute University College by Global Specialties.

While the Data Link Institute students could absorb the theory of digital logic design, they had limited access to the physical components required for hands-on application of the theory. The DL-020 represents the latest in basic digital design learning tools, and provides all the important logic gate elements and I/O’s pre-assembled and logically organized, ready for immediate student use.

With this trainer and its accompanying courseware, the students were able to experience wiring logic elements, just discussed, into circuits reinforcing their learning. The student’s course led up to the design and wiring of a simulated traffic light controller.

Professor Hwang is uniquely qualified to guide the students in the lab experiments using the DL-020 trainer. In addition to writing the courseware supplied with the trainer, Professor Hwang consulted in the design the trainer itself. He also authored the textbook, “Digital Logic and Microprocessor Design with VHDL”—ranked in’s top 100 books on Microprocessors & System Design.

Students studying digital logic design


Using the DL-020 Integrated Digital Logic Trainer




Data Link Institute (University College) takes its origins from the Data Link Company Ltd (DLCL), which has been operating as a charitable educational enterprise with assistance from Ms. Jo Hasbury of the University of Derby.

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Global Specialties Model DL-020
Sequential Logic Trainer