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The Stanford Solar Car Project team needed to characterize IV curves to help their car efficiently navigate the curves of the road. Here's how they did it using a B&K Precision 8502 DC electronic load.


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The Blue Sky Solar racing team needed a power supply that would help them test and validate various circuits used in their solar vehicle and decided that two B&K Precision 1671A power supplies could do the job.


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Global Specialties – a B&K Precision partner – donated one of its DL-020 Integrated Digital Logic Trainers to the college for an advanced summer class.



Up & Coming Projects

Adam Bowman - Montgomery Bell Academy
In his research, Adam is studying small dense plasma focus (DPF) devices as effective radiation sources. B&K's 60 MHz 2540 digital storage oscilloscope fit the bill.

Cal Poly – Cal Poly Pomona Rose Parade
Cal Poly Pomona Rose Float will be using B&K Precision's products to test and develop designs for the animation computer for the university's Rose Float. The animation computer is a small engineering team project involving several microcontrollers and peripherals. It's a senior project involving 6 electrical engineering students and 1 faculty advisor, which will have sustained development for several years.

Mike Sokol - How-to Workshops
Mike will be using these instruments on 2 main projects: to teach a “No Shock Zone” seminar at universities and campgrounds around the country, where he will be presenting live demonstrations of electrifying sound systems, guitars, and 40ft RVs, to show how electrical shock situations can be safely detected and avoided.

Tucker Leavitt - Animas High School
Tucker's project will use a 2530B digital storage oscilloscope for research into economical alternative energy.

School of Engineering - Walla Walla Univ.
In their Electromechanical Energy Conversion (EMEC) lab, Walla Walla's students will use one 8512, and three 8500 DC electronic loads.

University of Minnesota - Solar Vehicle Project
With a DC electronic load, the team will be able to measure the equivalent series resistance (ESR) for each individual battery cell of their vehicle. This information will help achieve one of their most important design goals--to build a balanced battery pack.

Walla Walla University – Physics Department Instruments – 7 units of 2530B
Students will be using these oscilloscopes during a nanotechnology course where the goal is to use the scopes as the data capture section of a scanning tunneling microscope that they build. The scopes will also be used to characterize the noise levels and response times for the electronic circuits they must build to drive the scanning tunneling microscopes.